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Scarlett wanted to answer what she was going to buy, but then she was surprised by Blair's discovering of her tee. That was actually Irene's. Scarlett assumed that they were going to talk about the pink tee the next minutes. Let's see what happens.

Or listen. Looking around the room, drifting her vision away from the tee, she thought. She couldn't remember when she was that excited about something to buy...

Now she could: when she was younger she wanted some cool-looking shirt. She was really annoying her father about it, so he bought it to her. Silly thing is that today her former favourite shirt doesn't fit anymore.

And she doesn't care anymore, she has enough after all. Nowadays she wasn't that interested in buying something. If she has a cool shirt, she has it. If she hasn't, she hasn't. Anyway, it's more about post-materialistic stuff, right? Like her tap dancing or her writing or- hey that's a nice pair jeans.

She mentally noted to go in the direction after the discussion.
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