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"Oh, yeah?" Blair responded, trying not to look a little weirded out. "Well I don't know if she's my type..." Blair had nothing against gay people, duh, but she didn't feel that way. Not that there was anything wrong with that, and oh boy she was digging a hole for no reason. Whatever. Not like any girls had actually flirted with Blair before. She wasn't a flirt target in general really. How unfortunate.

"I'm looking for a tee. My old one was tragically ruined, so if you see a light pink-" Blair paused as she finally got a good look at what Irene was holding. Holy shit, this was her lucky day.

"Oh my god! That's it! That's my tee!" Blair damn near ripped it from Irene's hands, she was so excited. Instead, she moved towards the other girl like a shark with prey in her sights, taking a handhold of the tee where it dangled from Irene's hands. "This is literally the exact shirt I was looking for! Holy crap, where did you find it?"

So pleased with Irene's accidental retrieval of Blair's prize, she completely forgot Scarlett's presence. Oh well.
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