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They finished changing in silence.

Georgia Lee was eager to be out of there, but she tried not to seem hurried. She took her time dressing herself, pausing often to stretch her arms and crack her fingers. Her back was turned to Vanessa and Georgia Lee gave every impression of being unaware of the other girl's presence. A close observer, however, might have noticed that Georgia Lee's eyes kept flicking over toward the grimy mirrors lining one wall of the bathroom, to catch glimpses of Vanessa's tall, tan reflection. If that observer were able to look inside of Georgia Lee's head, they might have noticed her thoughts doing something similar.

She tried to distract herself with thoughts of the book she'd been reading earlier, but her mind kept returning to Vanessa. Even her book, the girl was ruining. The priest had spoken of how there was a certain divinity to people, which let them transcend transcend earthly cause and effect, and forge their own destinies. Had the priest met Vanessa, Georgia Lee decided, he might well have had very different thoughts about heavenly aspect being present in mankind. What was it he'd said? "If you kick a dog, it will always howl"? That was more fitting of Vanessa, surely. She wasn't forging her own destiny, she was just mindlessly reacting to things happening around her. Really, when you thought about it, what was Vanessa but a great, hairless, yapping dog in seemingly-constant heat?

Georgia Lee deserved better. She deserved people, real people; ones who weren't constantly cursing, who didn't dress like streetwalkers. Kingman was infested with Vanessas. It was overflowing with them. Vanessa wasn't even the worst one, she was just one of many. One obnoxious little lesion from the cancer that Kingman, Arizona was on Georgia Lee's social existence.

She couldn't wait for graduation.

Even taking her time, she was done before Vanessa was. She folded her clothes, placed them in a small canvas bag and then put that bag back into her backpack. She swung the backpack onto her shoulder as she walked out of the changing room, not looking toward the other girl as she left.

[Georgia Lee Day continued in Go Home, Georgia Lee]

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