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Benadryl what? Ohh, for the heart attack. Yeah no, good try but no. Blair cracked a smile, though; that was a pretty funny screwup, you had to admit. She felt a little bad about freaking out Irene, though; her whole "my genes hate me" thing wasn't something she was super open about because really who needed the pity? But a fit like that? No big thing, she wanted to say, wait till you see her with a cold. But Blair said nothing about it.

Pushing a rebellious strand of red hair out of her eyes, Blair gave a semi-sincere smile at Scarlett and Irene's clumsy introductions. Honestly, if you didn't know someone, come out and say it. Don't dance around making stuff up. That ruined Blair's fun time.

"Oh, I'm fine. Just a tickle. But yeah, Irene," Blair said, sensing an opportunity to make mischief. "I'm pretty sure you did say something about Scarlett and your sis doing something together, right?"

Now, was it true? Blair had no idea. But it'd be funny, so it was worth bringing up. Plus, if she could make Miss Perky Scarlett freak out, even better!
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