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"Dude!" he said surprised. Caleb leaned in closer to Alvaro.

"Uh, hey man. We've been going to school together for years and you don't know who I am?" he said quietly.

"It's me, Andrew. Don't worry about it, we all have brain farts."

Caleb knew his identical twin Andy wouldn't mind. If he got caught he was 90% sure Andy would understand if it was for a snack.

He really didn't understand what was so difficult or arduous about this task that Alba was having so much trouble. The instructions were on the back and box cake had only three ingredients. Caleb reminded himself that people were at all different levels of capabilities.

In response to her question, Caleb waved a limp wrist in the direction of the cake pan, leaned against a counter and pulled his beanie down lower over his eyebrows.
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