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"Language arts?" Jen repeated, considering it.

Jennifer had never really been one for creative writing, though truth be told it was because she never really considered it. But Jennifer couldn't really think of creative writing being a thing she ended up doing: It was one thing to compose a song, or sketch a scene, or cook. It was quite another to imagine up a whole story in her head, and Jennifer never really had time to come up with those kinds of ideas. Most of her ideas were just ideas for new recipes, or things to sketch. And of course, with all the free time she used up studying, she couldn't really do that even if she wanted to.

Maybe if she had some sort of flash of inspiration? Nah, but that kind of thing never really happened to her. Jennifer was someone whose thoughts were more or less grounded in reality... But what about her songwriting? Although, that was something that was also grounded in reality, right? Considering that her songs were all instrumental, but... huh, she never really tried lyrics before, had she? Although she guessed it wouldn't be easy, and even then, she...

Jennifer was lost in a thought feedback loop, and had totally forgotten to even answer Alice's question.
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