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A swimmer, huh? Fiyori mustered Brendan's frame again and for a moment or two pondered what exactly the good guy was packing behind the red fabric of his body. Loving swimming, that's great! A great passion for that probably meant quite the well-trained body. If he'd be less conversationally awkward, she'd make a passing remark about it. Maybe even a raunchy one. But well, he'd probably be confused.

And confusing people is a mean thing to do, duh.

While the topic of good-looking men was on her mind, however, Rick entered the scene. She turned her head to him and raised her hand for a little wave. ...didn't think he'd find her here? Fiyori smirked and was about to give a snarky rebuttal, but Brendan was quicker to speak. He invited him to the table. Sure, the more the merrier. Guess she wasn't studying today anyway.

"Yeah, let's get some party in here."
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