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Oh, whoops. Irene hadn't quite intended to near-miss facehugger Blair. It had all been a real close run thing, owing to the cloth-borne obstructions of her vision. She smiled, clawed at a particularly insistent tee that latched to her side. The exact one Blair had been looking at mere moments before, she was now too busy having the giggles. That kept a mischievous grin plastered over her face. Until Blair started choking, at which point the smile kind of slid off and met her concerned frown on the way down.

"Yo, you alright?" Monkey see, monkey do, so Irene matched the hair flip with one of her own, her blond tresses settling from 'messy' to 'different kind of messy'. There were times when Asimah managed her mane for her prior to leaving the house, but this day clearly hadn't been one of them. She'd dealt more with honeycomb than actual comb that morning. Mmm, honeycomb cereal.

"Better take some Benadryl then," Irene mused, while a faint smile returned to nest on her countenance. The drug she'd probably been looking for was aspirin, though in her lacking defense maybe she imagined spreading Benadryl over the heart would alleviate some of the deathly pain. She considered other questions while her mind continued to be uselessly spastic over the various uses of medication. "I think we do, don't we? Like, like, you're..." An awkward pause, which Irene passed by flailing at the air like some sort of demented inflatable. "The girl Asimah tried to mack on once, right?" Like that narrowed it down much. "You two know one another? We should chill, hit up the town." An eager nod.

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