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Brendan was surprised to know that Fiyori liked to do cooking and he chuckled slightly about what she said she did with her friends. He was kind of curious to see what she had made. Brendan was not a very good cook himself as he was known for either burning the food or making the food uncooked. Maybe he could ask Fiyori if she could help teach him how to make food better. He was interested to learn more new things.

"Oh, that's a great hobby to have, Fiyori. I'm terrible at cooking myself. But I was wondering if you would like to help teach me how to make food better. All I ever do is manage to burn the food I make. Which kind of sucks, you know. Ah, so you brought something with you. What is it?"

Oh, Fiyori wanted to know what his hobbies were. Of course, she would want to know what he liked to do. Although, he was still keeping one of his hobbies a secret that he had only shared with Bernadette. Maybe he should stop being afraid of what people would think of his hobby and he should try to be more open with people about it. Maybe he should tell Fiyori about it right now. He knew that he had to have more confidence when he was talking to people anyway. He couldn't be afraid forever. However, he was going to tell her about his other hobbies first. He hoped that she wouldn't find his hobbies boring.

"Oh, you want to know about my own hobbies...? Uh, okay. Well..... I really love swimming. I have always loved to do it since I was a kid and I think I will always love it forever. Ha, ha. I hope that doesn't sound too--"

Brendan stopped talking as he saw a guy approaching their table and it seemed like this guy knew Fiyori. This guy seemed like he was friendly and kind of.... cute. Not that Brendan had the guts to try to make a move on him. Brendan wasn't that type of guy anyway. He didn't even know this guy. But he was sure that he had seen this guy at the swimming pool. It looked like he wanted to join in their conversation. Well, since this guy seemed to be friends with Fiyori, Brendan didn't really mind if he wanted to spend time with them and he gave the guy a wave back with a nervous smile on his face.

"Hi there. Would you like to join us? The more the merrier."
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