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(Frederick Brea continued from The First Mistake)

The library. A place that Rick had a confusing relationship with. Sometimes it was a prison he was forced into by teachers and coaches to awaiting peer tutors who tried to help him keep some knowledge from leaking out of his ears. Though if his tutors were wardens, at least they were nice for the most part and tried to help him. But that was not his reason for coming in today.

His hands twirled a pair of earphones like nunchucks as Rick meandered around the nearly deserted library. There was enough time to get in a quick episode of the anime he was following this season. And, prepared with his earphones, he wouldn't, no, couldn't, bother any one and escape the librarian's wrath.

The plan took a detour however when he heard familiar laughing from a nearby table. A bigger smile of content lifted his lips as he saw Fiyori. Among his much brighter friends who put up with his dimmer moments. He walked over to stand beside the table where Fiyori and another kid that despite his height looked smaller compared to the girl's... vibrancy? Yeah, that was probably the best way to describe it. He might've seen the latter around the water at sometime or another. Not on the water polo team, but maybe when his team practiced at the school pool?

"Hey, Fiyori." Rick waved to the girl. "Didn't think I would find you in here, how's it going?"

He also turned to boy with a wave. He would wait until Fiyori responded to see if this was a quick hi/bye or he could join in the conversation.
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