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Hmm, this one wasn't the right brand but it was pretty-holy shit!

Suddenly a person burst through the clothes like the Kool-Aid guy but for tacky things. Startled, Blair stepped back and let out a little gasp. Then, she recognized the person, and laughed. Her giggle attack soon devolved into a cough fit that doubled over, but fuck if it wasn't worth it.

"Oh, shit, Irene, you gave me a heart attack." Blair choked out before righting herself and flipping her hair back over her shoulders. More quietly, she added, "Yeah, I noticed." Irene was certainly a big step up from Scarlett. She was a riot, the kind of spaz that endeared you and was hilarious to watch once they got going. Hopefully she could play these two off each other for some actual entertainment.

"Hi, uh, Scarlett. How goes it?" Blair said, plastering a smile on and looking over at the other girl. "Irene here saw you earlier, by the way. You two know each other?"

Not really a lie; she'd seen Scarlett earlier than Blair had, after all.
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