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Fiyori let some last laughs escape, repeating "strange guy" as Brendan said in amusement. Yeah, strange guy. He'd fit.

She calmed down though, and registered Brendan mentioning hobbies. Actually, her hobbies in general. Fiyori raised her eye in surprise. Well, jeez, hobbies. Such an innocent small-child question. Didn't think she ever asked someone this after the age of, say, 11 or 12. No later than in middle school. It's where she got that people's hobbies were all variants of "being an asshole" and that was enough of an answer.

But what hobbies did she have?

"... honestly don't know!"

Easy question, right. But still, as she was thinking about it, she had a bit of trouble putting it in words. What was her hobby. What was a hobby in general? A thing you do with enjoyment and on a regular basis, right? So that'd be...

"Well, I like to cook and bake stuff. I even got something with me right now. And then... ah, well. I hang out with friends, do shit together. If that's a hobby."

She figured she'd need a way to redirect the conversation again.

"How about you?"
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