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"Well, I mean, if you honestly do think I could stream then... um..."

Bryony trailed off, as she was wont to do. This time, however, it wasn't due to shyness or uncertainty but due to the fact that it would be rude to talk in case Sandra had to answer a call. She sat silently, waiting for Sandra to finish checking her phone. Inside her mind, however, the idea of streaming had completely overridden any other thoughts and was now completely off the chain. She really, really wanted to stream League or Smite; having people watch her play on Twitch was as close as she was likely going to get to being pro. But people tended to gravitate towards watching higher ranked people play, like Aphromoo or Sp4zie, and whilst she was a lot better at Smite, she was still no dmbrandon...

Sandra was suddenly up and out of her seat, momentarily knocking Bryony out of her revery. She let loose a hurricane of sentences, and Bryony had only just worked out the gist of what Sandra needed to leave for when she was already halfway down the street.

"O-okay, um... bye, Sandra..." Bryony mumbled rather lamely as she looked at the swiftly retreating back of her friend. After a few seconds, she looked down at her ice cream-or, rather, the remnants of her ice cream. All that remained was a lurid blue puddle, almost signaling passing wasps to fly her way.

Bryony, however, had much more important matters in hand. She really wanted to try her hand at streaming now. She didn't think she would get over these nerves she had about it any time soon, but hey, it was always good to have a bit of nerves before trying any new thing, right? She'd only get better with practice and she'd never get any practice if she never attempted it. It would probably be for the best if she asked Vinny a few questions about it, rather than diving into the whole thing headfirst with no other advice.

Really, though, what was the worst that could happen?

Actually, it was probably better not to ask that...

((Bryony Adams continued in The Funny Thing Is, I Keep On Returning Over and Over))


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