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"You guys? Peyote?" Coleen sat back in her seat, painfully aware of how dumbfounded she must have looked. With nothing to occupy her hands, they found comfort in each other and folded in front of her, wriggling nervously. A lot of this so-called 'post-gender' stuff was, indeed, lost on her but Enza was a very energetic person, at least in her own way. Both girls were energetic, both Enza and Cameron. However, they were both also very confusing.

It seemed she had found something of an opening in the conversation however, something she could ask about. Music was a topic that could universally pull people together as long as one's horizons were broadened enough. It was a safe, non-political avenue, and Coleen desperately sought for something to refresh her.

Speaking of which-

"H-Hey, wait!" She stammered, whipping around in her seat to catch the nearly-leaving waitress. "I mean, sorry," she apologized for calling so abruptly. "But I was hoping to get a strawberry malt?"

After getting a confirmation from the waitress, Coleen sighed in relief and re-adjusted her hair, facing the other two again.
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