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I think Georgia Lee could probably do with some criticism! I'm not sure how much would get through to her, though: she's pretty blind to her own faults, and so tends to kinda interpret any like, critique of her behaviour as sort of a personal attack on her. Still, I think someone giving her like an outside perspective on her behaviour'd be good, and if she respects him his advice might like, actually make a difference? Idk. I think her and could be good peeps though yeah, if occasionally antagonistic.

Georgia Lee's not like, super up on her theology, and her religion isn't really an important part of her life. She kinda goes along with it because she was brought up that way and isn't really inclined to the level of like, critical thought and introspection it takes to like, take a look at your faith and ask yourself whether it's something you actually believe in. She's pretty involved in her church, though, mainly to pad out her university application but also 'cause she kinda thinks it makes her like, a good person? I don't know if like, inter-denominational charity events or fundraisers or what have you are like, a thing that's done in the states, but if they are then they might know each other from there? Mary kate seems super friendly and likeable, so I can't imagine they'd have a bad relationship, but I do kinda think that if MK is looking for like, a theological discussion she should probably look elsewhere, as most of Georgia Lee's thoughts on God pretty much amount to like, blithe recitations of things she's heard in Church.

If Audrey's seriously aiming for an Ivy, her and GLD would be pretty well acquainted I'd imagine, as GLD's pretty into her SAT prep and her Ivy application forums. They could be like, study buddies! I also don't think that she'd be like, too weirded out by all of Audrey's filming - she might find it strange, but she probably wouldn't hold it against her.

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