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"I'd like to think maybe one day, folks could just wear what they want without needing to worry about what other people think. 'Course, I could say the same thing for all that fun pronoun stuff and-" Enza cut herself off, blinking, and then let out an abrupt laugh.

"Sorry, I'm ranting, aren't I?" she leaned back, tucking both hands behind her head. "Kingman probably isn't ready for these post-gender ideas. I'll stick to the internet."

Vinny's smile turned melancholy for an instant. While it was true she had a lot of friends amongst her own age group, sometimes it struck her as, well, sad that her on-camera persona could expect more favourable reactions than being herself where she actually lived. Sure, interacting with people online was great, especially if they were fans of her stuff, but that was never quite the same as face to face.

"Tiny monkey brains," Enza repeated, and laughed again. "I like that. You guys should turn that into a song," a slight glint in the eyes. "Pff. Like I'd go back to the sixties. They didn't even have cameraphones. I'd say you'd fit in, what with music going back in years... but Peyote would probably give folks back then a freaking heart attack and..." her eyes fixed at a point at the wall, both distracted and focused all at once. "...That totally gives me an idea for a vine."
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