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Brendan blinked in surprise and he couldn't believe that it was that easy to make a new friend. Why had he been expecting it to be more harder to make friends with other people? Wow. He realized that he must be very insecure after what happened to him when he was younger. He stopped coughing finally and he averted his gaze away from Fiyori's own eyes. He jumped a little when Fiyori's laugh was a little louder and he glanced back at her.

"Well, I'm glad to hear that you want to hang out with a strange guy like me. I think we should at least try to get to know each other more. So....."

He felt himself hesitating and he picked up his paper to put it away. He was going to make sure that he would complete his schoolwork at home tonight. He just wanted to relax right now and he was really enjoying Fiyori's company. He could always ask either his father or his grandparents for help with his schoolwork later anyway.

".....Would you like to tell me anything about yourself, Fiyori?" He asked with an awkward smile on his face and he managed to stop shifting in his seat, feeling more comfortable around Fiyori. ".... Like any hobbies or anything like that?"
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