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Yes. She did know Bernadette - Bee, as she called her too - and Ty. If Fiyori figured out who Brendan was by associating him with them, she thought that he would do the same in reverse. Ah, he was a special kind of guy. That was obvious by now. Fiyori ceased to laugh and gave Brendan a strong nod as a reply.

Fiyori turned her eyes to study the library. It's ceiling and the top of the shelves, some adorned with dust the people here forgot to clean. She closed her eyes and thought about how for some people they'd be known as the terrible three or something. Ty, Bee and Fiyori, she meant.

Brendan however probably didn't draw so much ire, though she guessed people liked to make fun of him. Being a strange guy and all of that. He wasn't even particularly creepy. More like the interesting kind of strange. She hoped it would remain so. He was about to ask her another question. Maybe she'd call the way he does questions "cute", but the way he phrased this one specifically resulted in some raised eyebrows.

But all he did was just asking for her friendship.

Fiyori looked at Brendan with widening eyes, a coy grin on her lips. She could see the intense nervosity the boy felt, but all she could do was laugh again. No, this time it was an even stronger one. Her hands grabbed unto her head, her torso moved in a frenzied staccato and wild strands of hair flailed around as Fiyori's finger loosened the pins on her hair.

Her mother liked to ricule her for that. Said it was like the one of a hyena. Or the one of the devil, if she was being a bitch again. Ah, but poor Brendan. He was probably looking on in horror, making prayers and hoping his death will be swift and painless.

"Ahaha, sure sure! I'll be your friend."
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