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"It's not that I particularly dislike history," she corrected Brendan. She just didn't like studying in general. It was a tedious affair. Sure, it felt good at first. When she went out and bought supplies. Colorful pens and markers, scissors and notebooks and little paper slips you can attach to a book page. Ah, the illusion of productivity. Such a grandiouse feeling. Yet afterwards, all what was left was staring at pages for hours, marking diverse passages with many bright colors and writing notes here and there.

And then, when she was finished, she'd stare at the page once more, knowing just as much as she did before.

Well, it had other benefits, at least. Ones she could live with.

"...but thank you."

He wished her good luck, and Fiyori returned the blessing with a polite smile. Brendan, with such an incredibly soft voice - an almost whisper she'd say - asked to change the topic. Fine with her, though his question was still a strange thing to ask. Or maybe the strangeness was the way he asked.

"I may not look like it, but I'm pretty popular."

She left the sentence hanging in the air for a while, but could not surpress her laughter for long.

"Ha, but I'm probably just as hated."

And she laughed some more.
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