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Ugh, it was Scarlett. Two Ts, but no tees yet. Blair hacked into her elbow again, and focused on the clothing racks.

Scarlett was one of those weird, cheerful geeky people Blair got annoyed with. She mentioned Star Wars a lot if Blair recalled, which was a laugh. Like, hon, the movies came out in like the 80s. Why would you still talk about them when there's great modern stuff to appreciate? Ugh, weird retro people were the worse. She saw them on Whovian sites, too, and they drove Blair nuts. Like, good for you, you liked William Hartnell best. He's been dead since 1975, get over yourself.

Regardless, Blair didn't like Scarlett, so there was no real reason to say hi back or, you know, acknowledge her existence. Annoying people were like bug bites; ignore them and they go away, let them bother you and they get worse and stick around forever. So Blair paid no heed to Miss-Mcafee or whatever, and kept on looking for her tee.

Aaaaany moment now and Scarlett would just...disappear, like the little twerp she was.
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