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These two were making things difficult. Alice was feeling good today, still eating her pancakes, chatting with friends. But they weren't saying anything! Alice was starting to feel like she was expected to carry the conversation. Alice hated carrying conversations. It was stressful and difficult, coaxing people into talking. She felt like an interrogator. But if these two weren't giving her anything, she needed to at least try to help them open up.

"What about...language arts, Jen?" Alice said with a hint of a smile. She'd noticed the pun, naturally, but she wasn't going to pick fun. Puns could be nice, and who was she to make fun of someone else's sense of humor? "You do any writing or anything?"

Oh, speaking of languages, Kizi said something about them. Alice's eyes lit up. "Oh, do you do writing? I've been working on a fan-well, a sort of a short story you could call it." Truth be told? It was a fanfic of Twilight.

Ugh, she knew. But it was an improvement attempt of sorts; she was lukewarm on the series herself, oh god she hated the fandom, but having read the saga she saw a lot of potential for fanfics, and she'd gotten to work recently after like a month of planning and longer of tossing around ideas. She was getting excited for it, really.

But hell if she was going to tell anyone about it.
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