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This was weird.

Of all the people to suddenly have a heart-to-heart with about college and the future, Jae seemed like...the exact opposite of the kind of person she'd want to do so with. Still, she couldn't help but side with him on this.

"Sounds like a plan. Maybe do some backpacking across Europe or whatever people do?" Jane said flippantly, and shrugged. It wasn't that she hadn't considered such an idea herself. But with finances the way they were, she'd dismissed those ideas as fantasy, delusional even. She wasn't going to Europe, she was going to college and getting a job like a responsible adult.

But maybe that wasn't the right way to think about it. Maybe it wasn't about self-assigned responsibilities, but doing what you needed to do. Taking the opportunity to do what she dreamed of while she was young and fit and ready for it, not some old lady on her bucket list. She could see the world first, then settle down. Could she do it...?

Jane shook her head. Not the time to get all distracted.

Still, she should really think about this some more later on...
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