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Oh, perfect. She had been that obvious in her distaste that Penelope had noticed. And now the girl wanted answers. Did she expect everyone to be as open as her? Well, she was wrong.

"It's nothing." Adelaide replied firmly. She wanted to leave it at that. It would take all day to sort out her true feelings about PDA, but she knew part of the reason already. That was not something she was going to share with her two classmates out in the open. A ridiculous thought. "Its just something you do, so I don't have anything to say about how it makes me feel. How I feel about hugging is irrelevant."

Penelope looked to concerned for her liking, and Adelaide stepped back as the other girl leaned forward. She felt the sweat on her skin start to cool and give her a chill even in the Arizona heat. She could always use the excuse to leave by continuing on her jog, if it called to that.

"You were saying, Alessio?" she attempted to cut off anymore pestering by going back to the conversation about cats.
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