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((Scarlett McAfee, Start))

A focussed American girl went to the store, to find herself surrounded on all sides by things to buy.

Usually Scarlett took her time when shopping. But she wasn't shopping, she was going to buy something. There was no time to waste. She had it in her mind. She'd seen it last week and now she went into the store to find it and buy it. It could be gone, after all.

So Scarlett strolled through the store to go to location where she saw it last week.

...Fuck, it was gone.

Eh, whatever. While she's here, she could take her time to find something else. And if she found nothing that she wanted to buy, she could just go back home and finish doing her homework.

When she went through the store to check some stuff, she saw somebody she recognised from her grade.

"Hey, Blair!"

Blair, which tbh was a weird name, was on one hand really cool in science, on the other hand, she seemed a bit arrogant to Scarlett. But, eh. Arrogant people can be nice as well.

She smiled and waved at Blair in the distance. Just like the penguins from that movie. Ugh, what was the name of the movie?
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