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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba remained in place, holding the cake mix and letting the other two guys speak. The second guy seemed a little cocky about making cake from a box mix. Alba didn't really get why he was acting that way. She was late and didn't know where in the process they were. It looked like ingredients had to be mixed in during the stirring of the batter, so she just wasn't sure if everything was in the bowl or not. Part of her felt crappy if she enjoyed a cake that she didn't make at all.

She then shrugged to herself, and told herself that she could at least take the cake in and out of the oven if she had to. She set the box down and turned herself back to the baking.

"Okay, I think I'm up to speed," she said, emphasizing the word "think."

"Is there anything I can do to help?"
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