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Aw, that must have sucked. Not being able to have cats, because somebody was allergic. And there were cats that needed a home. Alessio was glad that neither of his parents were allergic. Or himself.

"Mi-". Michelle, Massimo, Jeff and Julius. That was what he wanted to say, but Penelope interrupted.

Al hadn't notice the uncomfortable look of Adelaide during the hug Penelope pointed out, when he was about to answer. Maybe a sign that he was just bad at reading people.

Michelle, Massimo, Jeff and Julius. Another memorable sentence he could remember. People asking for the name of the cats wasn't a rarity.

The dating comment was making him uncomfortable himself. He didn't date Penelope. He wouldn't. Never will. There's just Vanessa. He hadn't told anyone, but whatever. Nobody needed to know. 0.01% probability that it'd happen anyway.

Michelle, Massimo, Jeff and Julius. That's what he should say. After she answered. He didn't want to interrupt.

It was weird. The conversation suddenly became awkward and he hadn't even said anything.
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