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Penelope stood back a bit as the two of them talked, her eyes darting between them.

She had noticed when she wrapped her arms around Alessio that Adelaide got noticeably uncomfortable. That was troubling her. Did she not like physical contact between people? Physical contact was the best way to show affection in Penelope's books. Did she think that the two of them were dating? They weren't. Penelope sat there silently for several seconds as they bantered back and forth. Then, after Adelaide asked Alessio about his cat's names, she had to interrupt.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, Adelaide. I saw you getting uncomfortable just a few seconds ago. Do you not like physical affection and/or do you think that the two of us are dating? Because physical affection is great. And also we're not dating. I just like hugs." She said, very awkwardly, as she leaned in between the two of them.

She recognized how she was putting Adelaide on the spot and how embarrassing the situation was. However, she was far too curious and couldn't let misinformation stand or potentially be spread around. "Well?"
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