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She viewed her interests as kinda boring to bring up in a random discussion with a couple of acquaintances, as nice and civil and welcoming as the atmosphere was. Mathematics was definitely out of the question. That'd make her sound the saddest and keenest teacher's pet ever. Maybe that wasn't entirely inaccurate, but she knew she didn't want to exactly promote that image of herself.

And the interests that weren't boring were either awfully generic - she watched a couple of TV shows every now and then, but it'd be more interesting if she didn't - or not completely honest - she liked playing softball, but it was passionate enough to call it an interest? The charity and human rights stuff was kinda interesting, she supposed, but again, she felt it was lying to describe them as interests - that was both downplaying their importance and trivialising the work genuine activists did. Also, she was always scared of coming across as...rather smug about it, to be honest?

So, she just muttered a brief, "oh, languages mostly," before allowing the focus to return to Jennifer. Kiziah had completely missed her unintentional pun, and barely even registered the stutter. She wasn't one to focus on it, even if she had noticed it.

"Sounds cool!", she replied.
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