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Brendan glanced at Fiyori with a thoughtful expression on his face and he leaned back farther in his seat. So she was studying for a history test, huh? It sure didn't sound like it was fun to her and he wasn't going to ask her anymore about it. Ah, she would get some cake if she did get some good results for it and he was actually thinking that was a great deal. When he did great at tests, all his father and his grandparents did was give him a pat on the back and tell him how proud they were of them. He honestly didn't mind when they did. He just wished that he would get a reward out of his own hard work sometimes. He was feeling a bit jealous that Fiyori might get some delicious cake but he wasn't going to tell her that and he didn't want her to think that he would be a jerk to her or anything like that.

"Ah, I see. Well, I hope that you will be able to pass your history test and you can get a rewarding cake out of it. I think that would be a great reward. Yeah, studying isn't really fun especially if you are doing it on your less favorite subject. I'm doing some studying for math right now and I honestly need to take a break from it. It is seriously giving me a headache right now." He sighed softly and he picked at his math paper, staring at it for a few moments. "Still I wish you good luck for your upcoming test and I hope you get a wonderful treat afterwards."

Brendan placed the paper back down on the table and he really wanted to change the subject to something more exciting to talk about. He thought that talking about studying was really dull at the moment and he wanted to have a better conversation with Fiyori. He didn't want her to think that he was too awkward and made her want to leave. He was just feeling a little lonely and he just wanted to have a friend to talk to.

Brendan gazed back at Fiyori and he shifted a little in his seat, trying to make himself more comfortable to be around her. "How about we change the subject to something more interesting to talk about, Fiyori?" He asked her very quietly and he felt a bit upset with himself for not being able to speak up more loudly for her. "I'm kind of curious to know. Do you have any friends that you hang out with around the school?"
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