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Fiyori looked at the boy chuckling next to her. He tapped his pen on the table. He said something to her. Something about a bad mood she managed to lift. She gave her a small smile. Nice to see people feel better due to her, but there was something off. Something with the way he talked that made Fiyori...

dunno, just curious. It sounded weird and stilted. Awkward, she'd say. Maybe he was one of those aspergers guys. Seemed to be pretty a bit too sociable for that. Well, it was just a brief moment in which she pondered that. Out of all the weirdos running around in Kingman, talking a bit strange was actually kinda tame.

He asked Fiyori. What did she study? Did she enjoy it? Fiyori's eyes darted to the ceiling, her hands massaging her neck for a few seconds.

"Got a history test coming soon. Someone promised me cake if I get great results."

Studying, yeah. She hasn't done that for years and she figured she wouldn't need to start now. But well, Fiyori too had a price. And that price was edible.

"Not saying I'd enjoy it, though."
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