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It'd been almost a month since Georgia Lee had arrived at her work to find it covered in graffiti. Some teenagers - made from Vanessa's mould, if indeed she herself had not been among them- had decided the previous night to adorn the local Safeway with every curseword in their vocabularies. There wren't any cameras outside, and they hadn't been caught.

As with most of the menial work at the Safeway, cleaning up the vandalism fell on Georgia Lee. It probably could have been removed by waterblasting, but it was cheaper by far to simply paint over the obscenities. She'd understood the financial sense that this decision made, but it had bothered her, a little. It seemed like the filth wasn't really gone. It was still there, just hidden. Look a little past the surface and you'd bring the vulgarity bubbling back into the light.

Maybe it was all the swearing that brought the situation to mind.

Georgia Lee kept eye contact with Vanessa as she sat on the bench behind her, and began to unlace her shoes.

Clearly she'd bothered the girl. Her whole "I'm too cool, I play music and dress like a streetwalker" facade had crumbled, just for a moment, and the brickwork beneath was exactly as crude and vicious as Georgia Lee had expected. So Vanessa didn't like her. So what? It was almost certainly a sign that she was doing something right. What it would it take to get her approval, anyway? Accessorising with dogtoys? Smoking crack? Working her way through half the baseball team?

No thank you.

She could put up with Vanessa hating her, easy. Vanessa was a senior, so it was only for the rest of the year. A year was nothing. All she had to do was not less herself be distracted by this trash, and come next fall Georgia Lee would be captain and Vanessa Stone would be on her knees in a truckstop somewhere.

So "eff" her? Well eff that. Vanessa's opinion was irrelevant, as far as Georgia Lee was concerned. Less than irrelevant. Her thoughts went all the way past useless and swung back around into usefulness, serving as an example of the most ignorant possible stance on any given topic. there was really just no reason to care about what Vanessa thought, about anything. If one needed advice at short notice on how to dress like a tramp, but on a budget, then perhaps she'd be a useful resource, though even at this Vanessa was amateurish at best.

Hey Vanessa, newsflash: that collar makes it look like you're hiding an adam's apple

Georgia Lee banished the thoughts. No more put downs. No more squabbling. She gave a little shrug and turned her attention to her shoes.

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