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Then a new guy turned up, asking what "Paper Town" was. Jeremy kinda recognised the guy. Conrad, was in student council. He didn't know much more than that, though. He was apparently pretty ignorant, though, he didn't even get the name of the book right (somehow he managed to get the plural as a singular, who manages to do that?). The tenseness of the situation with Ty awkwardly shifted to Conrad, and Jeremy jumped a little bit in surprise because of it. The situation changed, and rather than two enemies having a tense standoff, it was now somebody jumping in and acting ignorant. Probably for the best, though. It might have became ugly if it was still just him and Ty.

He was still a little surprised, though. Three people all having to stay back for a while meeting in the same place? He was pretty sure that wasn't a natural occurrence. He had his reasons, and he imagined that they were pretty fair (thank god it wasn't raining, he sometimes had to stay back because his parents forgot to pick him up and he never had a raincoat or umbrella). He didn't know what the others' reasons were, but that didn't really matter to him that much. What mattered now was that Conrad had asked a question to him.

"Uh, firstly it's Paper Towns." He said, placing emphasis on the end of the word. He hated it when people were ignorant, he had to say the same thing over and over like a broken record just so they could understand what he was saying. He knew that he did the same thing in his mind though, sometimes repeating the same basic expressions like "it didn't matter, what mattered was [x]" or sometimes just repeating the same ideas. When he became aware that he was thinking, he had a ripple effect, in a way. The words that he was actively focusing on became slower to imagine as other voices and what he was planning on thinking finished the sentence or thought beforehand, making his overall thinking process much slower.

He also realised that what he said was somewhat rude, but considering that he said it to a person he barely knew and to a person who still hated him at the moment, he figured it didn't matter too much. And there we go, he thought about something not mattering again. He'd probably hit a hat trick soon, how exciting.

And with that out of the way, he continued what he was saying.

"I'm not sure what the total plot is so far," swinging his hand up and around a bit so that he could show that he was only a couple of pages into the book, "but so far, this dude named Quentin's miracle is that he lives next to a girl named Margo and when they were nine they found a dead body." He moved the book to show the back cover. "According to this, though, apparently him and Margo are going to go on a rampage and then Margo's going to disappear, or something. Haven't gotten that far yet."
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