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New guy snapped the question right out of Ty's mouth when he wandered into the conversation. He didn't have a whole lot to add beyond that, either. John Green wasn't someone he was real familiar with, just knew he did videos online and shit. From what Ty understood, he was a real positive sort of guy. The type that got a lot of outsider glances into tragedy and tried to spin things out nicely anyway. He probably would have hated the dude not too long ago, if he put that much thought into it. Now, he just seemed kinda naive.

Didn't seem like there was much point in dragging all that out though. He gave the newcomer a glance and tried to place him in his head. He knew him from somewhere around school, that was sure, but he couldn't really put his thumb on him. They ran in different circles, not much crossover, that kinda shit. Still, maybe he'd help stabilize this whole deal. Third person meant they couldn't go off to hard on each other out of nowhere, hopefully.

Ty shifted a back and leaned against the tree while he waited for Jeremy to answer the question, staying out of the line of sight between the two of them. Wasn't a whole lot he could do until then.
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For the people all said "Sit down, sit down you're rockin' the boat." · Grounds