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Brendan give a small nod and he leaned back in his seat, feeling relieved. Okay, so her name was Fiyori. At least now they knew each other's names and he was glad that he had managed to get a chuckle out of her. That meant that she didn't mind talking to him and he was okay with that. He was actually wondering what she was studying for. And he was curious to know who she hung out with. She seemed like she was an okay girl so far. Unlike Caedyn Miller. Ugh. He felt himself frown a little when he was thinking of what Caedyn did to Jane the other day and he knew that he shouldn't be getting upset right now. He was actually thinking about looking around the school for Jane and to ask if she was alright and that maybe they could be friends with each other. He didn't want Fiyori to think that she was bothering him as he was actually liking her company so far and he didn't want to push her away or anything like that. He needed to calm down for a few seconds.

Brendan let out a deep breath and he picked up his pen, starting to tap it against the table. He actually felt himself grin as Fiyori was joking about having a whip in her bag and he was glad that she was in a teasing mood. At least it was harmless teasing and it wasn't a joke that would hurt his feelings. He really didn't want Fiyori to think that he was too sensitive to jokes and to make a fool of himself in front of her.

"Ha, ha. That's a good one, Fiyori." He was laughing quietly and he was starting to feel a bit better now. "I was in a very stressful mood before and now you have managed to cheer me up. So what are you studying for today? Hopefully it is a subject that you enjoy."

Brendan stopped tapping his pen as he was sure that it was annoying Fiyori from concentrating on her own stuff and he placed it back down gently. He straightened up in his seat and he was now just waiting patiently for her answer. He was actually curious on what she was working on. And he felt like he had to ask her if she had any other friends that she liked to spend time with in school and outside of the school. But first, he wanted to know what his new study buddy was studying for.
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