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"People are always shit." Cameron muttered from where she was sitting. She absentmindedly doodled on a clean page of her sketchbook; it wasn't that she was drawing anything in particular it was just so that her hands were doing something. Her eyes remained focused on the other two girls, taking in their conversation. It seemed pleasant and genuine. The second item being of utmost importance to Cameron, she could spot someone being fake a mile away.

When was the last time she had worn a proper dress anyway? Cameron honestly couldn't remember. She was sure she had worn one a few times but whether or not she still had it was another question. If she did she wanted to turn it into a costume for a show. That was if she did though. It would have allow her to go full crazy if she had a cut up dress as well as her wolf headpiece thing she had found in the charity shop. She loved that wolf head.

"Between the two of you we could go back to the sixties." Cameron said as she took a sip of her coffee. She pulled a face as she looked in the cup. It was almost empty. Cameron turned and looked around the diner from where she was sitting. Trying to catch the eye of one of the waitresses. "But anyway Human, I think their tiny monkey brains are just scared of you and your freedom. Probably can't deal with-hey." She managed to grab one of the waitresses’ attention as they walked past. "More coffee please and..." She turned and pointed at the other two. "You don't actually...have anything. And these guys will tell you what they want."
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