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Uh oh, Alice had just put her on the spot. Jennifer wasn't expecting to be pulled back into the conversation so quickly, and let out a weird squeak before she cleared her throat.

"Ah, uh... well, um..." she stammered out.

Okay wait, what was the question again? Interests! Interests. She wanted to know her other interests. Most of them were sort of under the same sort of purview as drawing.

"Well... um, other than drawing, I, uh... play the piano. I really like music and I've... even composed a few songs myself. And uh... I also enjoy cooking."

Jennifer found talking about her interests comfortable, mostly because she didn't get to do it that often.

"The visual arts, the performance arts, and the culinary arts... I guess you could say that art is a big p-art of me."


That was probably the worst timing for a stutter. Oh god, they were going to think she did that on purpose, weren't they?
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