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Vanessa had had enough.

Doubting her commitment to the team pissed her off. Taking a shot at her wardrobe was cold, and brought back uncomfortable memories from middle school. Calling her stupid was just icing on the cake.

But Georgie, all the same, had shown her true colours by that brief flinch. Vanessa had seen it, and it stopped her from slugging Georgie right there and then.

She wasn’t worth it.

She was like a tiny dog, the ones the barked the loudest to make up for the fact they had nothing else going for them in a fight. Georgie was just a cocky little bitch.

She shook her head. She was about to turn around, go back to her bags and just get on with it. She could show Georgie up at practice, or forget about her and hang out with the teammates who hadn’t managed to piss her off so successfully in the past thirty seconds. That sounded much better.

But she couldn't help herself. That need to just finish what she started, to put Georgie in her place before she was done, was too much to resist.

She snapped her head forwards, just fast enough to look like a head-butt, but stopping far shy of Georgie’s face, in a way that made sure Georgie’s eyes met with hers.

“Fuck you, you little shit.”
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