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Fiyori heard footsteps coming up from behind. She overstretched her head and leaned back to see who her new friend would be. Surprise! She actually knew him. Well, she had no clue what his name was. Or which classes he went to. Or what he eat for breakfast and dinner. Or of what he dreamt in the cold nights.

But, she knew his face. And that was a first step. Saw the guy around Ty, she thought. Were even friends, maybe. Actually, somebody had to introduce the guy to Fiyori at some point. Just forgot the name, it seemed.

Awkward conversation averted, though, as the dude didn't seem to remember her name either. Brendan, alright. He mentioned that he'd feel like he've seen her before. Got a chuckle out of her. Everybody on the damn school had seen her before. Tall figure and black skin and blue eyes. Hard to miss at Cochise High.

"The name's Fiyori. And yeah, I'm your state-assigned study buddy. Got the whip down here in the bag."
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