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Brendan couldn't find anything of interest to read and he was now feeling very disappointed. Now this meant that he had to focus back onto something that he didn't enjoy and he stopped humming to himself. He ran a hand through his hair and he turned back to where he had been seated.

He was surprised that a girl was sitting there at first but then he felt a little relieved. He had someone that he could talk to. Hmm. What was her name? He felt like he had seen this girl before but he couldn't remember what her name is. Maybe he should just ask her. He was a little hesitant to talk to her but he knew that he had to try to come out of his shy shell.

He slowly approached the table and he gave the girl a small smile before sitting back down. "Hi, so are you my new study buddy or something?" He said, laughing softly and he was hoping that he wasn't embarrassing himself in front of her. "My name's Brendan. I feel like I've seen you before. What's your name?"
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