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Coleen got herself situated, setting her bag under the table and between her feet. The Fiddler screenplay was absentmindedly set down on the table between her hands where she could play with it idly, waiting for the ability to flawlessly interact with other human being to spontaneously generate. Such was her attempts to take in Cameron's comments that Coleen wasn't fast enough to catch the waitress. The server was already headed away from the table by the time she figured out what was happening, which meant she would have to wait just a little bit longer to get that strawberry malt.

"Sorry. About the people, I mean," Coleen said. Her fingers had come up to stroke down her hair, constantly playing with it and straightening it. "I... do, um, know what that's like I guess," she agreed with Cameron. It was Cameron's comment that had driven Coleen to be self-conscious at the moment. It only made sense that the girls would know about her face. It wasn't some big secret, especially since there were times that Coleen was forced to tie her hair back, and though she trained it to cover her face it didn't always do its job without fail. Still, knowing it was there was one thing, bringing it up was another. Just because it wasn't a secret didn't mean Coleen wanted to leave it uncovered all the time.

She let herself be pulled away by Enza's comment and gesture, since anything was more comfortable to talk about. "Oh, your dress? I like it!" Coleen protested with a smile, tugging a little at her blouse. "But I mean, I like dresses too, so... call me old-fashioned, I guess."
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