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Null sheen.
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Cameron agreed to letting Coleen sit there, and Vinny nodded along, giving a slight gesture towards the open spot on the table. It... okay it wasn't entirely ideal, but she could deal with it. Coleen clearly wasn't an asshat, although Enza would have rather just, y'know, been able to fixate all of her ranting at Cameron and not have to worry about offending someone else's delicate sensibilities.

While Coleen moved over and Cameron got to conversation, Enza hailed a waitress and ordered a coke. Something sugary and caffeinated to perk her up sounded good right about now. Looking back to the others, Enza gave a little shrug.

"Sorry, Goomba, you've walked in on my special snowflake hour," she smiled wryly. "Usually I'm more cheerful and less cussy. But people have been shit today. Very shit."

A vague gesture to the dress. "Guess we have some fashion criminals around school."
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