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Adelaide felt slightly uncomfortable at the open displays of affection going on between Penelope and Alessio. The latter did not seem to mind the invasion of personal space, though. Maybe they were a couple? She guessed it was possible. She averted her eyes when Penelope wrapped her arms around Alesso's neck, trying not to... she didn't even know. She just didn't like watching people being all lovey-dovey in front of her. It was a mix of discomfort at seeing something intimate in a public setting, or maybe even envious of it. It all melded together for her. She looked back when she realized the pair were not about to make out in front of her.

"It does. I'm afraid I also haven't cut out all meat products from my diet yet, though." Adelaide replied to Penelope enquiry. Most of the meat was fish or chicken, but she could not deny herself freshly sliced and grilled bacon on Saturday mornings that Marie was able to cook even better than Adelaide's father, who was the actual chef.

"You have cats?" she asked, unable to keep the inflection of excitement out of her tone that came up whenever felines were brought up into conversation. Marie was allergic to cats, so even after she had moved to Kingman her parents refused her in getting a cat of her own. She had resorted to friends homes or feeding strays to get in her cat fix. It was a problem, she knew, but another temptation like meat she was unable to deny.

She never claimed to be Siddhartha Gautama.

"What breed are they?"

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