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Adelaide and Penelope seemed to get along well. Cleansing the body of tea and meat.

After he received a question, it answered by Penelope. There was nothing else, he could add. Not that it bothered Alessio. He was actually kinda thankful for Penelope. That way he didn't need to speak so much. He nodded at Adelaide while quickly saying "yeah, shopping" to confirm that Penelope was indeed telling the truth.

Penelope's showing off of the bought goods didn't really bother Alessio. Neither did the vegetarianism of her. He himself wouldn't stop eating meat, because his parents did eat meat as well. And his cats needed meat as well, so it was important for his family. And it was very delicious as well, so there's that.

He smiled at Penelope.

"Well, my cats wouldn't approve of eating healthier stuff, haha."

He wondered how they'd react to feed them without meat at all. That'd make them sad, probably.
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