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John Green? Poor guy, that sounds like the most boring and unrecognisable name. Like Jack Black or Jeff Smith. Okay, Conrad actually knew the actor Jack Black. Maybe not Jack Black as a "unrecognisable name", rather a Jack White.

Actually, he'd heard of John Green as well. That guy was mentalfloss, right? Nah, there were probably dozens of John Greens and Jack Blacks and Jeff Smithes.

Conrad's name was okay. It was kinda special. Not something like Alex. Geez, how many Alexes does he know? One, two, three, four...

Whatever, he wanted to know why Jeremy was reading a book called "Paper Town". Sounds like a children's book. What was the plot? Was the book well written or is it just garbage? Why is it pretty good so far, Jeremy?

He turned to Jeremy and Ty in the grass.

"Hey, guys. I think I've heard of Paper Town", a lie, "a friend told me it's a good one."

Conrad raised an eyebrow.

"What is it about?"

He stopped playing Flappy Bird. He couldn't play and talk at the same time, after all. Well, he could, but he would fail then.
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For the people all said "Sit down, sit down you're rockin' the boat." · Grounds