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What a weird guy.

Danny awkwardly waved good-bye as Henry hurried off. Did they look like they were dating? He couldn't date Bridgette. He'd known her since she was tiny, it'd be weird. Maybe it'd be best to hurry out of the library. Bridgette was busy, anyway, and he already had kind of a reputation for being a flirt. Which was totally unwarranted. He couldn't help it that he met a lot of cool girls. In any case, just not something he wanted to tangle Bridgette into.

"Well, libraries are super boring--no offence, Bridge--so I'm just gonna go. Show me the finished drawing thingy later, though, it looks kickass so far. All 'hwahhhhh.'"

Danny almost gave her a friendly slap on the shoulder, but stopped at the last second because he didn't want to shake her drawing hand. Instead, he waved and hurried out of the horrible void of boredom that was the library.

((Daniel 'Danny' Brooks continued in Ice Cream Truck Beat.))
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