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Penelope smiled at Adelaide's comment on her tea.

Now you're getting it! She said, if only mentally. After Adelaide asked about Alessio's groceries, Penelope decided to jump in, always eager to insert herself into things and answer for people, whether they liked it or not. Without giving Alessio the chance to talk, she responded to Adelaide. "Uh, yeah! Alessio here was out doing some shopping for like..."

Penelope reached into Alessio's grocery bags and pulled out them various objects that were in them, listing them off as she went. "Things like milk... cheese... mostly food in here... oh, and meat." She put the meat back before turning her head up towards Alessio.

"Alessio, didn't I tell you that it's healthier to be a vegetarian?" she asked, while having her normal mischievous grin plastered on her face. She poked him a few times in the cheek. "Just teasing, I understand vegetarianism isn't for everyone."

Most people wouldn't be able to get away with shenanigans like this, but when it came to Penelope and her friends, a certain understanding was usually met, especially regarding her lack of a sense for personal space.

Penelope craned up slightly and wrapped her arms around Alessio's neckline. "Sorry if I took the wind out of your sails there."

She leaned her head back and turned it towards Adelaide once more. "Did that answer your question?"
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