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Ty asked him what he was reading. Jeremy had to turn his head again in an awkward position so that he could look him in the eye. It was something that was forced upon him by his parents ever since he was young. If he didn’t do that, he’d get shouted at. There were other rules, of course. Don’t say something bad about a shop when you’re in it, always say please and thank you. It was common courtesy, and he was glad that his parents had put it into him.

But it was hard to show courtesy to someone who didn’t show it back to you. He had tried reaching out to him before, but it didn’t work. Seemed that Ty just didn’t want his sympathy. The best bet was probably just to ignore him, treat him as if he wasn’t there; but there was something about him that called him to respond, to argue with him. Jeremy knew that he was right, that he was better, so what was the problem with that?

So when Ty asked him what he was reading, he figured something out. He could just avoid this confrontation, ignore him.

Walk away.

But he didn’t, he wasn’t sure why. It was probably because of the casual nature of the question. It seemed, again, that Ty actually wanted to make things up. Jeremy wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass, they probably weren’t going to be friends at the end of this but it would probably help both of them out a little. It’d mean that he’d be able to pass Bernadette in the halls without her staring at him like he was the antichrist. He answered the question truthfully, turning himself around on the grass, and holding the book up so he could see.

“Paper Towns. John Green. It’s pretty good so far.”
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