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Alba read the instructions on the packet, and figured out that he was stirring the batter right now. That wasn’t a good way to go, currently. He had messed up, it seemed. He said the wrong thing and now this wasn’t going to be a friendship or anything like that, just a partnership made due to them having to work together in a class. She’d probably forget about him at the end of the day, once they weren’t working anymore. Not that it mattered; anyway, they had never talked to each other outside of this. But he had still lost an opportunity to make a new friend, which sucked. She didn’t hate him yet though; at least he didn’t quite think so. Maybe another day, maybe even today!

Alba then asked the other kid a question, and apparently yes, he was supposed to be in this group. Alvaro wasn’t quite so sure, though. For one thing, the way he was talking seemed like he was compensating for something, kinda like one of those awful spies in the TV shows who were so specific in their denial that they basically said “I’m evil, please capture me!” Whoever he was though, he hadn’t quite made the same mistakes that the evil people in the shows had made, but something about what he said set Alvaro off, and that was the excuse that he was using to justify his paranoia at whoever he was.

Sometimes it did pay to be paranoid, though. He was fairly sure that this person wasn’t supposed to be here. He wasn’t going to act on it though, not yet, anyway; unless he did something that broke the rules or proved that he wasn’t supposed to be here.”

“Yeah, I preheated the oven earlier.” He replied to the other person’s question. Speaking of that; “By the way, what’s your name?”
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