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Georgia Lee could feel adrenaline beginning to build, like right before a game. Her voice started to sound further away, and she had to fight the urge to bounce on the balls of her feet. She could feel a surging, nervous energy, flowing out of her bones, through her muscle fibres and crackling off her static skin. Tucked into the crooks of her elbows, her fingers tensed and untensed. She unfolded her arms, placing her hands on her hips, and took a step closer to the other girl.

"Oh, you were sick? I'm sorry! You know, you've been sick a lot, Vanessa."

She smiled, but not with her eyes.

"You really should take better care of yourself. Get some Vitamin C. Maybe eat some kale. Or, hey, I know!"

She cocked her head a little and snapped her finger, as if an idea were just occurring to her.

"You could try wearing clothes that actually, you know, cover a bit of skin! Maybe that'll help"

And Vanessa's hand came up.

Georgia Lee had never been in a fight, had never been hit. No one had ever raised a hand to her before. Not her parents, no matter how much she had hurt them, and not her sisters, no matter how much they had wanted to hurt her. The Day household had seen its fair share of acts of violence, but none of them physical.

Still, she didn't fear pain. She embraced it, even. Pain for her was a sign of success, a badge of honour. When her lungs burned and every muscle ached after a long run, she knew she'd pushed herself, and she'd gain from it. After practice, when the muscles in her shoulders felt so stiff she could almost hear them grind against each other when she rolled them, and her arms seemed to weigh far more than they had any right to, she knew that her work would pay off, and she'd see a reward. Georgia Lee didn't back away from pain, she stepped towards it. Ran towards it, even.

And yet she flinched.

Vanessa hadn't even touched her and she'd flinched.

It hadn't been much. A blink. A startled little shrug. An indrawn breath. No matter how minor though, it had happened, Vanessa had seen it, and now that bullying bitch would think Georgia Lee was scared of her.

Someone waves a hand in your face and you jump like a frightened little girl. It really that easy to get under your skin, Georgia Lee?

She let her breath out slowly, through her nose, trying to seem unphased.

"And no, most of my conversations with the rest of our teammates are civil. Most of them aren't incapable of remembering a very simple name."

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