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Tara went through the math, telling him how she had gotten that price from only using one of the things. He honestly didn't really need it that much, really; he had gotten the main idea of it when she got the price out. She probably was just saying that for herself for whatever reason. Eh, it didn't really matter that much, soon as she gave him his change he'd be out of here and he'd probably forget about this in a few days.

And she did. She passed over the $4 of change that he needed. He was kinda sad that she didn't announce the amount of change like she did with Conrad, he was kinda hoping that she did so that he could put more money on the counter as a joke and so that they could laugh together, but she didn't, which sucked. She asked him if he had any classes with Conrad. He... was pretty sure he was? He wasn't quite sure. He was probably in his maths or English class or something. He was pretty sure he didn't have any of them in the next school day, though.

"I don't think I have one with him today, sorry. I think he's in student council, though, so he might be there today, if that helps." He wasn't quite sure that what he said made sense. It probably did, but he was tired and he wasn't sure. He took his change off the counter. "I'm going to go to bed now, if you don't mind. See you later I guess." He picked up his six cups and left the store.

((Ben Fields continued in There's No Time Here in Space))
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